About Clemson University Press

Clemson University Press was established in 2000 (as Clemson University Digital Press; the "Digital" was dropped from 10 October 2014 onward) to exist within the college of Architecture, Arts, and Humanities at Clemson. Its trademark, "CUDP" (now "CUP"), was established in 2001, and the press has since, in accordance with its mission statement, become a "vehicle for the best scholarly, technological, and pedagogical research on issues that are of concern to AAH, the community, and the state, defining 'research,' ... broadly, as 'what has been built, created, performed, [or] written.'"

The press originally set out to publish only two books per annum, in addition to maintaining its flagship journals, the semiannual South Carolina Review and the annual Shakespeare journal, The Upstart Crow (now retired and preserved as an archive). Instead, by summer 2014, we had published 73 monographs (see CUDP Bibliography, 2001-2014) and negotiated a partnership with Liverpool University Press to quadruple production under the new brand, Clemson University Press.

The press continues to be a vehicle for promotion of university events and colloquia, as well as a host for scholarly publications and materials occasionally related to these events. For more information, explore the links in the sidebar, or contact the director of the Press, Dr. John Morgenstern. For a brief commentary on the early history of the press, view "The Birth of a Press," by its founding director, Dr. Wayne K. Chapman.