Entrepreneurial Studies

ENTER: Entrepreneurial Narrative Theory Ethnomethodology and Reflexivity; An Issue about The Republic of Tea
edited by William B. Gartner

ENTER focuses on specific entrepreneurial narratives. The label "entrepreneurial narrative" is defined loosely, to encompass a variety of texts that are generated by entrepreneurs, or by others, about entrepreneurs. So, entrepreneurial narrative should be considered broadly.

This first issue of ENTER focuses on the book The Republic of Tea (Zeigler, Rosenzweig & Zeigler, 1992). The book is a series faxes among the founders/authors about the development of a business called "The Republic of Tea." The book, therefore, has a temporal aspect to it (the faxes occur over time) but, the "story" of the Republic of Tea is not told by one specific author, and the story does not unfold in the typical "story" form.

ACORN: Entrepreneurial Narrative and History
edited by William B. Gartner

In order to learn how the entrepreneurial imagination works, it is important to study the stories that entrepreneurs tell about how they turned their ideas into businesses.

In ACORN, the Spiro Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership presents interviews with entrepreneurs as they tell their stories about the creation of their businesses. Not only do these interviews offer insights into the activities specific to venture creation, but they also demonstrate some of the thought processes involved. This volume focuses on entrepreneurs who have started businesses based around new technologies at Clemson University.