Mission Statement

The Press has been created to fulfill needs in the AAH College (and Clemson University by delegation in its Mission Statement) for professional development, collaboration, and pursuit of knowledge in the arts, in the humanities, and in design and building.

The Press will operate as a vehicle for the best scholarly, technological, and pedagogical research on issues that are of concern to AAH, the community, and the state, defining "research," again broadly, as "what has been built, created, performed, [or] written."

The Press will bring greater public focus on the quality of scholarship and the various types of expertise which are unique to the disciplines of our college, our university, and culture in the Upstate. (Cultural and geographic distinctions are also integral to the AAUP view of what constitutes a university press, as well as the fact the press should be integral to a college or university.)

The Press will not be confined to conventions or modes of publication (print-on-paper media, for example) but will be aggressive in responding to its technology-based audiences. Indeed, while experience with traditional publications abounds in the College of AAH, the assumption is that in electronic media the Press will be able to disseminate the most knowledge at the lowest cost.

The Press will emphasize and give opportunity for interdisciplinary learning and will harness talents from the diverse but complementary disciplines of AAH to promote both abstract and practical activities for student interns in academic programs such as MAPC, MAE, and WPS and in facilities such as the MATRF Lab and the desktop design facility maintained in CEDP offices.

The Press will, in all of the ways suggested above, enhance connections between teaching, research, and service. The last especially involves the public, which a university-affiliated press must serve with the research it promotes.