The trademark "Clemson University Press" (CUP) is a means by which the College of Architecture, Arts, and Humanities (AAH) may disseminate "the best of what has been built, created, performed, and written," in the spirit and context of the Guiding Principles of the College in relation to those of Clemson University as a whole, and therefore to meet the needs of a wider audience. The definition and standards of a "university press" are established by the Association of American University Presses (AAUP), to which Clemson University Press might eventually apply for Affiliate membership. According to AAUP's Guidelines for Admission to Membership, "A university press is defined as the scholarly publishing arm of a university or college" and, "by its very nature, must be devoted to scholarly and educational ends." As a platform for collaboration with community outreach and educational goals inherent in its Mission Statement, CUP satisfies the injunction of the definition to disseminate the fruits of research by invoking AAUP's educational objective in a fundamentally practical way. Traditional and nontraditional modes of publication (including, especially, electronic and digital publication of refereed scholarship) will involve the editorial and technical abilities of faculty and students in various graduate and undergraduate programs across the College and such other colleges and units that integrate in CUP to form a university platform for collaboration.