Omi and the Christmas Candles:
A Tale of Nine Christmases during the Nazi Era

by Skip Eisiminger

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"Once upon a time many years ago, the country of Germany lay under a spell cast by an evil sorcerer, Adolf Hitler…" Thus begins Omi and the Christmas Candles, a children's story about a family's survival during the Second World War. Distilled from several volumes of Eisiminger's notes and transcriptions of informal interviews with his wife's family, this book recalls nine remarkable Christmas celebrations.


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Family Tree

  1. Chapter One: 1939
  2. Chapter Two: 1940
  3. Chapter Three: 1941
  4. Chapter Four: 1942
  5. Chapter Five: 1943
  6. Chapter Six: 1944
  7. Chapter Seven: 1945
  8. Chapter Eight: 1946
  9. Chapter Nine: 1947