ENTER: Entrepreneurial Narrative Theory
Ethnomethodology and Reflexivity

An Issue about The Republic of Tea

edited by William B. Gartner

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About the Book

ENTER focuses on specific entrepreneurial narratives. The label "entrepreneurial narrative" is defined loosely, to encompass a variety of texts that are generated by entrepreneurs, or by others, about entrepreneurs. So, entrepreneurial narrative should be considered broadly.

This first issue of ENTER focuses on the book The Republic of Tea (Zeigler, Rosenzweig & Zeigler, 1992). The book is a series faxes among the founders/authors about the development of a business called "The Republic of Tea." The book, therefore, has a temporal aspect to it (the faxes occur over time) but, the "story" of the Republic of Tea is not told by one specific author, and the story does not unfold in the typical "story" form.


  • An Entrepreneurial Jeremiad (William B. Gartner)
  • A Rhetorical Theory of Transformation in Entrepreneurial Narrative: The Case of The Republic of Tea (Sean D. Williams)
  • Tea and Understanding (Alice de Koning and Sarah Drakopoulou Dodd)
  • "Practical Narrativity" and the "Real-time Story" of Entrepreneurial Becoming in The Republic of Tea (Paul Selden and Denise Fletcher)
  • Tangibility, Momentum, and Emergence in The Republic of Tea (Benyamin B. Lichtenstein and Beth Kurjanowicz)
  • Skillful Dreaming: Testing a General Model of Entrepreneurial Process with a Specific Narrative of Venture Creation (Kevin Hindle)
  • Sites and Enactments: A Nominalist Approach to Opportunities (Steffen Korsgaard and Helle Neergaard)
  • Rhythmanalyzing the Emergence of The Republic of Tea (Karen Verduyn)
  • A Narrative Analysis of Idea Initiation in The Republic of Tea (Bruce T. Teague)
  • Many Words about Tea (Helene Ahl and Barbara Czarniawsk)