Landscape Design for Energy Efficiency

by Mary Taylor Haque, Lolly Tai, and Don Ham

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About the Book

Using the measures outlined in this booklet as a "system" is easy. Planting trees on the east and west sides of your home, installing pavements that are reflective and porous, and redirecting winter winds are all ideas that can be implemented for new homes as well as for retro-fitting existing homes. By incorporating these cost effective and innovative approaches to energy efficiency around your home, you can simultaneously reduce energy costs and create a more pleasant environment.


Preliminary Matter (Table of Contents, Preface, etc.)

  1. Landscape Design for Energy Efficiency through Climate Control
  2. The Landscape Design Process for Energy Efficiency and Aesthetics
  3. Landscape Design for Low Maintenance
  4. Protecting Existing Trees during Home Construction or Landscape Renovation