An Annotated Guide to the Writings and Papers of Leonard Woolf

by Janet M. Manson and Wayne K. Chapman

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Part 1 - Signed Works

Part 2 - Unsigned Articles

Part 3 - Leonard Woolf Library: Selections on Political Subjects

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About the Book

This work is an on-going project at the Center for Electronic and Digital Publishing. At present, it features Leonard Woolf's books (both annotated and edited) and his signed and unsigned articles as literary editor at The Nation and Athenaeum newspaper (London) and as an editor of The Political Quarterly (Oxford); also featured are selected titles of political works in his library. Brief accounts of many of these materials are reproduced from the appendices of Women in the Milieu of Leonard and Virginia Woolf (eds. Chapman and Manson, 1998), from Virginia Woolf and Her Influences: The Selected Papers from the Seventh Annual Virginia Woolf Conference (eds. Laura Davis-Clapper and Jeanette McVicker, 1998), and from The South Carolina Review 31.1 (fall 1998), courtesy of Pace University Press and Clemson University Digital Press. Recommended is Chapman's article on the Rowntree political monthlies located elsewhere on the SCROLL website. Links to related websites and online publications, such as the short-title catalog of the library of Leonard and Virginia Woolf at Washington State University, are also provided to facilitate research scholarship.

The mission of the project overall is to share with a global audience vital information about the location, nature, and extent of primary materials widely distributed in their physical state. When complete, not only will the Annotated Guide include a finding aid to collections of Woolf's papers, it will also augment and improve several such tools presently available, such as WSU's unindexed Short Title Catalog and the slightly indexed but incomplete account of Leonard Woolf's journalism, compiled by Leila Luedeking and Michael Edmonds in the "C" section of Leonard Woolf: A Bibliography (1992; see Chapman, "Grist and Rainbow," SCR 31.1 [fall 1998]: 204-207).

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