Legacy of a Southern Lady

Ann Ratliff Russell

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About the Book

"Anna Calhoun Clemson was John C. Calhoun's favorite child. After reading Ann Russell's biography based on Anna's letters, one finds it easy to understand why. The product of a famous family and an exceptional woman, Anna was also, as Russell ably demonstrates, very much 'a southern lady.' Her story—her 'life's journey,' as Calhoun told his daughter her life would be—gives us a glimpse of an important southern family, of southern womanhood, of heartbreak and difficulty, of a nation torn apart by sectional conflict. Like Mary Chesnut's famous diary, Anna's letters, the crux of Russell's study, provide us with a rich, detailed picture of southern life, both personal and public."
—Dr. C. Alan Grubb

Clemson Historian Jerome V. Reel states, "The interest in Southern women's history has never been higher nor more exciting. And one of the most important nineteenth-century South Carolinians is Anna Maria Calhoun, daughter and frequent confidante of John Caldwell Calhoun, one of the important political and intellectual figures of nineteenth-century American history. During one of his periods in Washington, D.C., Anna met and later married a Pennsylvania scientist, Thomas Green Clemson. Subsequently, Anna and Thomas married, traveled through much of the American east, and became co-founders of Clemson University. Due to Anna's copious correspondence, her papers have offered Dr. Ann Russell much material to create this fascinating study in nineteenth-century history."


Preliminary Matter

  1. "Her Father's Daughter"
  2. A "Mother's Love"
  3. The "Glory of the House"
  4. Her "Dearest Maria"
  5. Traveling Woman
  6. "My Very Much Beloved Dear Anna"
  7. Epilogue



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