Shadows Trail them Home

by Scott Owens and Priscilla Campbell

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"Shadows Trail Them Home is an excellent and compelling novel in poetry, an important contribution to the cultural canon of American life, presented in an engaging but disturbing context. It needs to be read by a wide audience, not only those who have faced abuses as children, as the two main characters have and, consequently, suffer severe (but not disabling) life-long responses, but also by a reading public that treasures poetry that fuses superior writing with major social issues. This penetrating book is compassionately narrated, as it articulates the extent to which the past can never really be overcome, even though one may be bent on altering it."
—Ronald Moran, author of The Jane Poems and Waiting

"The story of Norman and Sara exposes innumerable shades of joy and pain in our deepest human drive—the one that dances us toward, away from, but ever toward love."
—Suzanne Hudson, prize-winning author of In the Dark of the Moon

"Scott Owens and Priscilla Campbell create characters by reading our souls, create scenes by framing the pictures that live in our memories, too raw to remember, too vivid to ever completely ignore, and in these poems, they have a die-hard nonfiction writer turning pages as fast as possible to see what happens next. I didn't know poets could do that. Scott Owens and Pris Campbell can."
—Shari Smith, author of Gunpowder, Cowboy Boots, and Mascara

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