The High Seminary, volume 1:
A History of the Clemson Agricultural College of South Carolina, 1889-1964

Jerome V. Reel

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About the Book

"Jerry Reel has done a tremendous service to Clemson University and all alumni with this carefully researched history of the first 75 years of our existence as an institution. His book is destined to become the standard reference for understanding Clemson's founding and early years up to July 1, 1964. With the name change that year, Clemson's modern history began as we grew from a small college into a major research university. I can't wait for volume 2." —James Barker, President, Clemson University


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Preliminary matter (title page, table of contents, acknowledgments)

  1. The Land
  2. New Winds, New Will: 1886-1889
  3. The Founding: 1888-1889
  4. Building the School: 1889-1893
  5. First Graduation: 1893-1897
  6. First Walkout: 1897-1902
  7. Challenging Years: 1902-1910
  8. Stability, Stress: 1910-1918
  9. Riggs's Last Years: 1917-1924
  10. Gathering Resources: 1924-1940
  11. Back to Berlin: 1940-1945
  12. Trustees Don Hard Hats: 1945-1955
  13. Academic Changes: 1945-1955
  14. GIs Return: 1945-1955
  15. Crucible, A New Formula: 1955-1958
  16. Crucible, Transformation: 1958-1961
  17. Crucible, The End of Legal Inequities: 1955-1964

Epilogue: The College Era Ends

End matter (appendices, bibliography, index)