Woolf in the Real World

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Woolf in the Real World: Selected Papers from the Thirteenth International Conference on Virginia Woolf, edited by Karen V. Kukil (Clemson, SC: Clemson University Digital Press, 2005), x, 222 pp. ISBN 0-9771263-2-3

The Thirteenth International Conference on Virginia Woolf was hosted by Smith College, a women's college in Northampton, Massachusetts, and ran from June 5-8, 2003.

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About the Book

The nearly 200 papers delivered at the Thirteenth Internation Conference on Virginia Woolf focused on the ways Woolf engaged the "real world" of her time and the ways her legacy continues to engage "real world" issues now. Thirty essays were selected for publication that relect the life, writings, and afterlife of Virginia Woolf. In addition to the remarks of plenary speakers Carol T. Christ, Lyndall Gordon, Carolyn Heilbrun, and Frances Spalding, the selected papers include essays by Michael Barrett, Susan C. Bourque, Julia Briggs, Maggie Humm, Dianne Hunter, Eleanor McNees, Kathryn Simpson, and Elizabeth Gallaher von Klemperer, among other distinguished Woolf scholars.


The Life of Virginia Woolf

Author Title
Carol T. Christ Woolf and Education
Lyndall Gordon "This Loose, Drifting Material of Life": Virginia Woolf and Biography
Catherine W. Hollis Virginia Woolf's Double Signature
Maggie Humm Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell as Photographers: "The Same Pair of Eyes, Only Different Spectacles"
Julia Briggs "Printing Hope": Virginia Woolf, Hope Mirrlees, and the Iconic Imagery of Paris
Michèle Barrett Virginia Woolf and Pacifism
Cheryl Mares Woolf and the American Imaginary

The Writings of Virginia Woolf

Author Title
Susan Rubinow Gorsky The Mask/Masque of Food: Illness and Art
Mary C. Madden Woolf's Interrogation of Class in Night and Day
Joseph Kreutziger Darwin's Temporal Aesthetics: A Brief Stretch in Time from Pater to Woolf
Cornelia Burian Modernity's Shock and Beauty: Trauma and the Vulnerable Body in Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway
Elizabeth Hirsh Mrs. Dalloway's Menopause: Encrypting the Female Life Course
Kathryn Simpson The Paradox of the Gift: Gift Giving as a Disruptive Force in Woolf's Writing
Lorraine Sim Ailing Dualisms: Woolf's Revolt against Rationalism in the "Real World" of Influenza
Dianne Hunter Objects Dissolving in Time
McKenzie L. Zeiss The Political Legacy of the Garden: (Anti)Pastoral Images and National Identity in Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West
Erica L. Johnson Writing the Land: The Geography of National Identity in Orlando
Eleanor McNees The Guidebook and the Dog: Virginia Woolf and Italy
Jennifer-Ann DiGregorio Kightlinger Sex Costumes: Signifying Sex and Gender in Woolf's "The Introduction" and The Years
Elizabeth Gallaher von Klemperer "The Works of Women Are Symbolical"

The Afterlife of Virginia Woolf

Author Title
Frances Spalding Vanessa Bell's Portrait of Virginia Woolf at Smith College
Elizabeth A. Shih and Susan M. Kenney Editing the Palimpsestic Text: The Case of Virginia Woolf's "A Sketch of the Past"
Jan Freeman The Paris Press Publication of On Being Ill
William Pryor The Living Memes and Jeans of Bloomsbury and Neo-Paganism
Drew Patrick Shannon The Lightly Attached Web: The Fictional Virginia Woolf
Laura Francesca Aimone In the Footsteps of Virginia Woolf: The Hours by Michael Cunningham
Doryjane Birrer "What Are Novelists For?": Writing and Rewriting Reality from Woolf to McEwan
Pamela St. Clair In Search of the Self: Virginia Woolf's Shadow across Sylvia Plath's Page
Kristin Kommers Czarnecki Filming Feminism: A Room of One's Own on Masterpiece Theater
Joyce Avrech Berkman Doing the Splits: Outsider/Insider as Women's Historian and Feminist Activist
Susan C. Bourque Carolyn Heilbrun: The Last Interview