Woolf and the Art of Exploration

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Woolf and the Art of Exploration: Selected Papers from the Fifteenth International Conference on Virginia Woolf, edited by Helen Southworth and Elisa Kay Sparks (Clemson, SC: Clemson University Digital Press, 2006), xiv, 254 pp. ISBN 0-9771263-8-2

The Fifteenth International Conference on Virginia Woolf was hosted by Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon, and ran from June 9-12, 2005.

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Coinciding with the bicentennial of Lewis and Clark's Expedition, the wide range of papers presented at this conference emphasized the adventurousness of Woolf's work. Nearly 30 essays were selected for publication that reflect her enterprising nature, with titles such as Cheryl Mares's "The Making of Virginia Woolf's America" and Emily Wittman's "The Decline and Fall of Rachel Vinrace: Reading Gibbon in Virginia Woolf's The Voyage Out." The selected papers explore such topics as Woolf's life; her relationship to nature and to scientific and environmental thinking; her attitudes towards London, America, and the Middle East; and the cultural origins and contexts of her outlook on art and empire.



Author Title
Rishona Zimring Trespassing
Helen Southworth and Elisa Kay Sparks Common Ground
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Exploring Keynotes

Author Title
Diane F. Gillespie Godiva Still Rides: Virginia Woolf, Divestiture, and Three Guineas
Maria DiBattista Woolf's Sense of Adventure
Jed Esty Unseasonable Youth, or Woolf's Alternative Modernity
Christine Froula On French and British Freedoms: Early Bloomsbury and the Brothels of Modernism
Douglas Mao "Strange Necessities"
Trevor James Bond Loves, Languages, and Lives: An Exhibit from the Library of Leonard and Virginia Woolf

Exploring Woolf's Life

Author Title
Gill Lowe Hyde Park Gate News
Alice D'Amore Autobiographical Ruptures: Rhoda's Traumatic Displacement
Sally A. Jacobsen Between the Acts: Ottoline Morrell and Mrs. Manresa, D. H. Lawrence and Giles Oliver

Exploring Subjects and Objects/Nature

Author Title
Kathryn Simpson Short Change: Economies Explored in Woolf's Short Fiction
Christina Alt Virginia Woolf and the "Naturalist Novelist"
Kelly Sultzbach The Fertile Potential of Virginia Woolf's Environmental Ethic
Katie Macnamara Reflections on a Solitary Potato: The New Collective Essay and the Exploring Modern "I"

Exploring London's Spaces

Author Title
Robert Reginio Virginia Woolf and the Technologies of Exploration: Jacob's Room as Counter-Monument
Karin de Weille Terra Incognita of the Soul: Woolf's Challenge to the Imperialist's Concept of Space
Benjamin Harvey The Twentieth Part: Word and Image in Woolf's Reading Room
Elizabeth F. Evans Woolf's Exploration of "The Outer and the Inner": A Spatial Analysis of The Years

Exploring Foreign Lands

Author Title
Eleanor McNees The English Tourist In/On America: Leslie Stephen vs. Virginia Woolf
Cheryl Mares The Making of Virginia Woolf's America
Joyce Kelley "Nooks and Corners Which I Enjoy Exploring": Investigating the Relationship Between Vita Sackville-West's Travel Narratives and Woolf's Writing
Joanna Grant They Came to Baghdad: Woolf and Sackville-West's Levant

Exploring Art and Empire

Author Title
Emily O. Wittman The Decline and Fall of Rachel Vinrace: Reading Gibbon in Virginia Woolf's The Voyage Out
Ayako Muneuchi Hotel Narrative and the Birth of Virginia Woolf's Modernism
Mollie Godfrey Discovering the Readerly Mind: Woolf's Modernist Reinvention of the National Poet
Renée Dickinson Extinguishing the Lady with the Lamp: Florence Nightingale and the Work of Empire in the Interludes of The Waves

Exploring Cultural Origins and Contexts

Author Title
Meg Albrinck Lily the Ethnographer: Discovering Self in To the Lighthouse
Alexandra Neel The Photography of Antarctica: Virginia Woolf's Letters of Discovery
Randi Koppen Sartorial Adventures: Woolf and the (Other-) Worldliness of Dress
Akemi Yaguchi "A Novel is an Impression not an Argument": Virginia Woolf and James Sully
Stephanie Callan Exploring the Confluence of Primitive Ritual and Modern Longing in Between the Acts