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Woolf Editing / Editing Woolf: Selected Papers from the Eighteenth Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf, edited by Eleanor McNees and Sara Veglahn (Clemson, SC: Clemson University Digital Press, 2009), xiv, 258 pp. ISBN 978-0-9796066-9-4

The Eighteenth Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf was hosted by the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado, and ran from June 19-22, 2008.

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About the Book

The Eighteenth Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf focused on Woolf as editor both of her own work and of the Hogarth Press, and on editing Woolf—on the conflation of textual and theoretical criticism of Woolf's oeuvre. Since many contributors to the conference, like Woolf, were editors, creative writers, and critics, the sessions, readings, and plenary talks highlighted the intersections of those three roles. The papers collected in this volume represent the entire range of the 33 conference panels—from the Cambridge University Press Roundtable to the session on Modernist Archives and Intellectual Property. The essays variously addressed the "granite" of close textual reading and the "rainbow" of theoretical approaches to Woolf's writings. Several more flexible versions of editing emerge in the papers that discuss adaptations of Woolf to film, theatre, and music. Brenda Silver's keynote address in memory of Julia Briggs opens the volume, and James Haule's plenary talk concludes it.


Julia Briggs Memorial Lecture

Author Title
Brenda Silver Editing Mrs. Ramsay: or, "8 Qualities of Mrs. Ramsay That Could be Annoying to Others"

Editorial Revision and Censorship

Author Title
Joyce Kelley "Corrected in Red Ink": Septimus Warren Smith, the First World War, and the Culture of Erasure
Meghan Fox "The vision must be perpetually remade": An Examination of Ethical and Aesthetic Revisions in To the Lighthouse
Susan Solomon Editorial Deletion: Presenting Absence in To the Lighthouse
Courtney Carter The World with and Without a Self: Between the Acts as a Revision of The Waves
Alice Lowe Editing A Writer's Diary: Leonard Woolf as Censor or "Keeper of the Flame"
Nicole Coonradt Editing Memory: Virginia Woolf's Memoir Identity and Her Re-Presentation of the Traumatized Self

Woolf and the Presses

Author Title
Diane Gillespie The Hogarth Press and "Religion": Logan Pearsall Smith's Stories from the Old Testament
Brenda Helt Bright Young Editor: John Lehmann at the Hogarth Press
Beth Rigel Daugherty Virginia Stephen, Book Reviewer: or, The Apprentice and Her Editors
Elisa Bolchi Virginia Woolf within Italian Literary Periodicals under Fascism

Silent Editing: Woolf and Other Authors

Author Title
Roberta Rubenstein Reading over Her Shoulder: Virginia Woolf Reads Anna Karenina
Joanne Campbell Tidwell Straightening the Scraps and Scratches: Editing the Diaries of Virginia Woolf, Vera Brittain, and Katherine Mansfield
Erica L. Johnson Adjacencies: Virginia Woolf, Cora Sandel, and the Künstlerroman
Cheryl Hindrichs Reading the Other, Editing the Self: Mentoring in Woolf and Welty
Nephie Christodoulides On Not Being Able to Paint: Writing Inhibitions and Self-Editing in Virginia Woolf's and Sylvia Plath's Fiction
Luke Ferretter "The Influence of Somebody Upon Something": To the Lighthouse in Sylvia Plath's Work

Editions of Woolf in the Classroom

Author Title
Beth Rigel Daugherty Editions in the Classroom: Does It Matter?
Karen L. Levenback Wielding One's Own Pen: Virginia Woolf's Holographs in the Classroom

Adaptations as Editing

Author Title
Leslie Kathleen Hankins Complicating Adaptation: Virginia Woolf's 1925 Novel, Mrs. Dalloway, and Abel Gance's 1918-1919 Film J'accuse
Justyna Kostkowska Cinematic Editing of Virginia Woolf: Mrs. Dalloway and Stephen Daldry's The Hours as Reflective Ecosystems
Carol Samson After Tea: Adapting Virginia Woolf's A Writer's Diary for Stage Performance
Danaë Killian-O'Callaghan Wave to the Depths: A Performance of The Waves' Hidden Music

Editing and Visual Arts

Author Title
Maggie Humm Editing Virginia Woolf and the Arts: Woolf and the Royal Academy
Elisa Kay Sparks Bloomsbury West: London Bohemians Find a New World in the American Southwest
Pamela Hall Evans Biography, Portraits, and the Fine Spirit: Dorothy Brett, Artist
Evelyn Haller The Botanical Works of Marianne North (Painter, Writer, Traveler) Edited by Absorption into Virginia Woolf's Writing

Documentary and Scholarly Editing

Author Title
Stuart N. Clarke "A Few Cigarettes in Lilian's Ash Tray": Woolf's Revisions to Her Essays
Jane Goldman Who is Mr. Ramsay? Where is the Lighthouse?: The Politics and Pragmatics of Scholarly Annotation
Anne E. Fernald Semi-Colons and Major Changes: Editing Mrs. Dalloway
Linden Peach Editing Flush and Woolf's Editing in Flush

Woolf in the Public Sphere

Author Title
Milena Radeva Re-visioning Philanthropy and Women's Roles: Virginia Woolf, Professionalization, and the Philanthropy Debates
Virginia Brackett The Artist/Intellectual as Politician
Bonnie Kime Scott, Brenda Silver, Georgia Johnston, Vara Neverow Modernist Archives and Issues of Intellectual Property
Robert Spoo "For God's sake, publish; only be sure of your rights": Virginia Woolf, Copyright, and Scholarship

Plenary Lecture

Author Title
James Haule Reading Dante, Misreading Woolf: New Evidence of Virginia Woolf's Revision of The Years