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Contradictory Woolf: Selected Papers from the Twenty-First Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf, edited by Derek Ryan and Stella Bolaki (Clemson, SC: Clemson University Digital Press, 2012), xvi, 310 pp. ISBN 978-0-9835339-5-5

The Twenty-First Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf was hosted by the University of Glasgow in Glasgow, Scotland, and ran from June 9-12, 2011.

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About the Book

Contradictory Woolf is a collection of 37 essays selected from approximately 200 papers presented at the 21st Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf, hosted by the University of Glasgow (9-12 June 2011). The theme of contradiction in Woolf's writing, including her use of the word "but," is widely explored in relation to auto/biography, art, philosophy, cognitive science, sexuality, animality, class, mathematics, translation, annotation, poetry, and war. Among the essays collected in this volume are the five keynote addresses—by Judith Allen, Suzanne Bellamy, Marina Warner, Patricia Waugh, and Michael Whitworth—as well as a preface by Jane Goldman and an introduction by the editors.

Painting by Suzanne Bellamy
The Chaucer Horse, oil on canvas by Suzanne Bellamy, is featured on the back cover and discussed at the end of her pageant (see pp. 54-55). Click image for larger view.


Author Title
Jane Goldman Preface
Derek Ryan and Stella Bolaki Introduction to Contradictory Woolf
  List of Abbreviations
Judith Allen "But...I had said 'but' too often." Why "but"?
Michael H. Whitworth Woolf, Context, and Contradiction
Patricia Waugh

"Did I not banish the soul?" Thinking Otherwise, Woolf-wise

Suzanne Bellamy "The Play's The Thing BUT We Are The Thing Itself." Prologue, Performance and Painting. A Multimedia Exploration of Woolf's Work in the Late 1930s and Her Vision of Prehistory
Marina Warner Report to the Memoir Club: Scenes from a Colonial Childhood
Lois J. Gilmore "But somebody you wouldn't forget in a hurry": Bloomsbury and the Contradictions of African Art
Maggie Humm Contradictions in Autobiography: Virginia Woolf's Writings on Art
Amber K. Regis "But something betwixt and between": Roger Fry and the Contradictions of Biography
Oren Goldschmidt "Can 'I' become 'we'?": Addressing Community in The Years and Three Guineas
Laci Mattison Woolf's Un/Folding(s): The Artist and the Event of the Neo-Baroque
Angeliki Spiropoulou Woolf's Contradictory Thinking
Sowon S. Park The Feeling of Knowing in Mrs. Dalloway: Neuroscience and Woolf
Stella Bolaki "When the lights of health go down": Virginia Woolf's Aesthetics and Contemporary Illness Narratives
Janet Winston Kinetic Tropes, Comedic Turns: Dancing To the Lighthouse
Claire Nicholson But Woolf was a Sophisticated Observer of Fashion...: Virginia Woolf, Clothing and Contradiction
Vara S. Neverow Bi-sexing the Unmentionable Mary Hamiltons in A Room of One's Own: The Truth and Consequences of Unintended Pregnancies and Calculated Cross-Dressing
Katharine Swarbrick Lacanian Orlando
Jeanne Dubino The Bispecies Environment, Coevolution, and Flush
Derek Ryan From Spaniel Club to Animalous Society: Virginia Woolf's Flush
Sam Wiseman Ecology, Identity, and Eschatology: Crossing the Country and the City in Woolf
Diane F. Gillespie "Please Help Me!" Virginia Woolf, Viola Tree, and the Hogarth Press
Madelyn Detloff "Am I a Snob?" Well, Sort of: Socialism, Advocacy, and Disgust in Woolf's Economic Writing
Kathryn Simpson "Come buy, come buy": Woolf's Contradictory Relationship to the Marketplace
Makiko Minow-Pinkney Virginia Woolf and December 1910: The Question of the Fourth Dimension
Jocelyn Rodal Virginia Woolf on Mathematics: Signifying Opposition
Amanda Golden "A Brief Note in the Margin": Virginia Woolf and Annotating
Gill Lowe "Observe, Observe Perpetually," Montaigne, Virginia Woolf and the "Patron au Dedans"
Kristin Czarnecki Who's Behind the Curtain? Virginia Woolf, "Nurse Lugton's Golden Thimble," and the Anxiety of Authorship
Claire Davison Virginia Woolf and the Russian Oxymoron
Rebecca DeWald "A Dialogue...about this Beauty and Truth": Jorge Luis Borge's Translation of Virginia Woolf's Orlando
Leslie Kathleen Hankins "As I spin along the roads I remodel my life": Travel Films "projected into the shape of Orlando"
John Coyle Travesty in Woolf and Proust
Wayne K. Chapman Woolf, Yeats, and the Making of "Spilt Milk"
Sara Sullam Figures of Contradiction: Virginia Woolf's Rhetoric of Genres
Ian Blyth Do Not Feed the Birds: Night and Day and the Defence of the Realm Act
Karen L. Levenback Approaches to War and Peace in Woolf: "A Chapter on the Future"
Cecil Woolf Duncan Grant
  Notes on Contributors
  Conference Program