Tales of Clemson, 1936-1940

by Arthur V. Williams, M.D.

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About the Book

This memoir of Clemson College life, from matriculation in 1936 to graduation in 1940, is a sequel to the author's recollection of early youth in Charleston, South Carolina. Tales of Clemson 1936-1940 vividly recreates the undergraduate days before the outbreak of war in Europe and the Paciļ¬c. President Emeritus Walter Cox (Class of 1939) and distinguished journalist Earl Mazo have given the book its foreword and postscript, respectively. Dr. Williams recalls Clemson's own luminaries, mentors, and interesting personalities from a bygone era.



  1. "To Tell the Truth..."
  2. Dr. Lippincott's Analysis and Highlands
  3. Gigging Frogs and War of the Worlds
  4. "I Got a Home in That Rock..."
  5. Fort McClellan, Hitler, and Mr. Greenville
  6. "I Really Wonder What This Antagonism Is All About"
  7. "Times Were Gradually Improving..."
  8. Last Words: "From Rabbits to Reasons"


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Clemson University historian Alan Schaffer reviewed Tales of Clemson on the NPR radio program Your Day. Listen to the review (requires RealPlayer plugin) or read a transcription (PDF).

Arthur Williams is also the author of a related book, Tales of Charleston, 1930s, which is part of the College of Charleston's Jewish Heritage Collection.