Robert Penn Warren: Genius Loves Company

edited by Mark Royden Winchell

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About the editor

About the Book

"At least since the dawn of the Romantic era, it has been assumed that the poet lives a lonely life, isolated in his garret. Nevertheless, writers are not always hermits and misanthropes. As human beings, they crave the company of other human beings; as artists they need the stimulation of other artists.…Even a selective account [such as this] of Warren's most important literary associations during such a long and active life could fill a good size book."
—Mark Royden Winchell, editor


  • Mark Royden Winchell—Preface
  • H. R. Stoneback—"Strange Caterwauling": Singing in the Wilderness with Boone and Audubon, Elizabeth Madox Roberts and Robert Penn Warren
  • Patricia L. Bradley—Robert Penn Warren, Thomas Wolfe, and the Problem of Autobiography
  • Mark Royden Winchell—Cleanth Brooks and Robert Penn Warren: A Beautiful Friendship
  • James A. Grimshaw, Jr.—Robert Penn Warren and Albert Russell Erskine, Jr.: A Sixty-Year Friendship
  • William Bedford Clark—Warren and Pasinetti: A Study in Friendship
  • Tony Morris—Apocalypse and Redemption: The Life and Works of Robert Penn Warren and Robert Lowell
  • Joseph Scotchie—Warren, Bellow, and the Changing Tides
  • Steven D. Ealy—"A Friendship That Has Meant So Much": Robert Penn Warren and Ralph W. Ellison
  • Robert Cheeks—A Pair of Moles: Robert Penn Warren and William Styron
  • Daniel Cross Turner—Modern Primitives: Merging in the Poetry of Robert Penn Warren and James Dickey
  • Joseph Millichap—Robert Penn Warren, David Milch, and the Literary Contexts of Deadwood