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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 48, Number 2, Spring 2016

Wayne K. Chapman Introduction: Leading Off and Taking Leave
Diane F. Gillespie Publishing on the Brink of World War II: The Woolfs, the Hogarth Press, and The Refugees
Leslie Kathleen Hankins Virginia Woolf, Testing and Projecting in the 1920s: Kinetic Typography and Title Cards
Beth Daugherty On Essaying the Essay
Vara S. Neverow Septimus Warren Smith, Modernist War Poet
Alexandra DeLuise Outside the Closet: The Homoeroticism of Picnicking and Knowledge in Jacob's Room and Maurice
Elizabeth Foley O'Connor "We Disgruntled Devils Don't Please Anybody": Pamela Colman Smith, The Green Sheaf, and Female Literary Networks
Jeanette Roberts Shumaker and Amanda Hurych Nuns in Irish Fiction, 1950s-1980s: Female Agency and Sacrifice
William E. Cain Going Nowhere: Desire and Love in The Sun Also Rises
Gary Kerley "All Born and Dying, Forever at Once": The Last Motion(s) of James Dickey
Neil Mann The Fascination of What's Accurate
Jyotirmoyee Devi; translated by Apala G. Egan The Taint
Laura Maylene Walter Lost Pets
Abe Aamidor Past Perfect
Adam Padgett The Outlier
Kerry Donoghue Fever
Nate Pillman This Was WINGS
Carol LaHines Let Down
Laurence Lieberman Sky Dance of the Howlers
Paul Freidinger Acceptance of Entry
David James What I know about suicide
Frederick Wilbur Eighth Aubade
Greg Moglia Heavy and Light
Lyn Lifshin Sleeping with Horses
Joan Mazza Why Do You Live Alone in the Woods?
John Grey Everglade Sunset
John Sibley Williams One Studies What's There
Maja Lukic Polaroids and Windows
Tom Chandler Local Homeless Guy
KJ Gibbs Middle Saluda
Debashis Sen The Puppeteer
Matthew J. Spireng The Fisherman
Gary Allen
Ace Boggess
Ron Riekki
  • Valentine's Day in Prison
  • My Parents' Next-Door Neighbor Tries to Burn His House Down
Dennis Braden The Terrorist Tries to Take a Vacation
Janice Moore Writer Spider
Fred Yannantuono The A Train
Jason Tandon Ars Poetica
Robert Parham Morning as All Things
Christina Cook Chimney
Jeanne Emmons
Ronald Moran
Judith Saunders Artist
Daniel Saalfeld Man Molder
Sheryl Nelms Silver Bars
Matthew Dulaney All's Fare
John Harn It Starts by Seeing
Dennis Saleh Redoubt
Skip Eisiminger Designed to Break Your Heart: Baseball and Its Children
Maxine Rosaler Mister Dog
Greg Herriges The Ear
Lee Morrissey The Irish in the British Atlantic
Kate Costello-Sullivan Recent Irish Fiction
Barbara Zaczek "Art and Mystery": Two Authors' Signatures
John Perryman Getting Through the Night
Elisa K. Sparks Woolf's Early Diaries
Charis Chapman The Poet's Den

Editor's Note

Starting with Volume 49, The South Carolina Review will be co-edited by Cameron Bushnell (Criticism), Keith Morris (Fiction), Jillian Weise (Poetry), Chris Benson (Reviews), and Elizabeth Stansell (Production Editor and Business Manager), assisted by John Morgenstern (Contributing Editor and Managing Editor of Clemson University Press). By then, issues from all but the last few years of the journal's long history will be archived in PDF facsimile and available online. Financial responsibility for SCR shall be the responsibility of the new, or perhaps acting, director of the Center for Electronic and Digital Publishing. Thanks to the generosity of charitable donors (SCR Friends) and especially the journal's late co-founder, Richard J. Calhoun, and his wife, Doris Somerville Calhoun, whose estate recently established an endowment to support the journal, SCR's other sources of revenue (such as subscriptions, sales, royalties, and fees) are now buoyed modestly for a degree of security largely unknown in the past. With that, I leave it all in better shape than I found it, back in 1996, with every prospect of continuing success well into the future. —WKC