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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 49, Number 1, Fall 2016

Thomas Dillon Redshaw Cuimneachán 1966: Song, Setting, and Satire in John Montague's Patriotic Suite
Laura Fine "Make Them Know": Jesmyn Ward's Salvage the Bones
Jesse Graves Waltzing through the Mysterium: The Evolving Role of Music in the Poetry of David Bottoms
William Mesce, Jr. Adapting Marcel Proust's Swann's Way to the Movie Screen: Theorizing on How to Film the Unfilmable
Terry W. Thompson "In These Latitudes": Appropriating Frankenstein in Doyle's "The Captain of Polestar"
Sam Martin and Kara McKlemurry Measuring Productivity: SCR 1995-2015
Josh Casey Bird Story
Dennis McFadden The Accidental Terrorist
Deno Trakas The Other Side of the Creek
Gary Fincke See What I See
Jan Nordby Gretlund Fathers in the "Mindfield": A Conversation with Clyde Edgerton in Wilmington, N.C., October 9, 2014
Yvonne Garrett An SCR Retrospective: Interview with Wayne K. Chapman
Lucia Cherciu Hiding the I
Doug Ramspeck Paper Skin
Margot Douaihy
  • Gutted
  • Dive
Carrie Shipers Cold Storage
Guy R. Beining The Fruit is Bitter
Jocelyn Page The Winter of Virga
Jenn Blair
  • Off-Duty
  • The Flood
Raymond Philip Asaph The Chair
Mark Neely
  • Apostle
  • Guarding the Palace
Jason Tandon Genre
Skip Eisiminger The Idol Quartet
Frank Day Memory-pieces
Bill Koon Deck Us All
Farhad Idris The Magic and Mythology of Salman Rushdie
Jane Atkins A Shadow on the South
Hallman Bell Bryant Nazis in Nepal
Alys Culhane And the Beat Goes On
Sue Royce Hardin Landscape as Inscape
Roberta Harold This is not Scarlet's Atlanta
Cynthis Haynes Throwing Out the Red Carpet
Joseph Millichap Sublimity and Salvation: The Power of the Word
Chris Smutzer Where Culture and Ecology Meet: The Chattooga River
Siobhan Brier A Daily Dose of Dog
Wayne K. Chapman California Dreamin'—A Dose of Sonnets