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James Dickey Revisited

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From SCR 48.2 (Spring 2016)

From SCR 48.1 (Fall 2015)

From SCR 47.1 (Fall 2014)

From SCR 45.1 (Fall 2012)

From SCR 44.2 (Spring 2012)

From SCR 43.2 (Spring 2011)

From SCR 42.1 (Fall 2009)

From SCR 38.2 (Spring 2006)

From SCR 38.1 (Fall 2005)

From SCR 37.2 (Spring 2005)

Presidential Colloquium

Dickey the Writer

A Poet's Perspective

Dickey's Legacy as a Research Subject

From SCR 36.2 (Spring 2004)

From SCR 34.1 (Fall 2001)

From the James Dickey Festival at Clemson University

Speeches and Presentations

Festival review, James Dickey Newsletter XXI (2)

Student Responses to Bronwen Dickey (in Microsoft Word format)

Student Responses to Christopher Dickey (in Microsoft Word format)

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