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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 33, Number 2, Spring 2001

Wayne Chapman An Editor's View of Irish T(r)opics
Sandra Sprayberry Sea Changes: Post-Colonialism in Synge and Walcott

Marilynn Richtarik

Across the Water: Northern Irish Drama in London
William Atkinson Samuel Beckett and Censorship in the Saorstat
Joan FitzPatrick Dean The Freedom of the Theatre in the Irish Free State 1922-1929; or, The Bullet Dodged
Joan Frank Green Fruit
John Vanderslice Blind Date
Roy DeNunzio Mrs. Margolis' Garden
Steven Haslem The Very Thought of You
David Bowles Birthmark
Harlyn Aizley Harry At Crossroads
George Rabasa For the Solitary Soul
Donnie Ray Grove First Snow
Gregory Sanders The Pantomime Horse
Sylvia Reed Fugue
James E. Devlin Interviewing Elmore Leonard
Jarret Keene Ava Gardner, Queen of Earthquakes
Rustin Larson An Ordinary Drinking Glass
Scott Ward
  • On the Wisdom of Knowing When Things Have Changed Decisively
  • These Hills
Julian Edney The Colonial Supervisor's Wife (Inspired by Celine)
J.T. Ledbetter He Left Something
H.R. Coursen 4 August 2000
Bill Sweeney The Sober Girl
John McKernan The Green Children
Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg
  • Swimming in Mombassa at Midnight
  • Naomi's Daughter-in-Law Returns Home
Virgil Suarez
  • Rural Demography
  • At the Wailing Wall: La Promesa de las Paginas Blancas
Ted Lord On the Steps of the Metropolitan
A. Mary Murphy The Roadsides Are Mad with Poppies
Charles O'Hay Jesus Takes the Eight Count
Mark Daley Genealogy
Christopher Bernard The Sunday Poet
Joann Gardner The Deaf Island
Louis Daniel Brodsky Making a Settlemen
Thomas E. Kennedy Amber Hunting
Gilbert Allen Tools
Barbara Brannon The Monolith
Elizabeth Murawski Desolate
Rynn Williams No Ordinary Pig
Michael Chitwood
  • In the Wilderness
  • Woodpile
David Rigsbee
  • Going South
  • High Summer
Ryan G. Van Cleave The House My Father Lived in as a Child
Jeff Daniel Marion Letters Home
Kathryn Kirkpatrick Maeve Married
Mitchell Raney Pig Hats
Evelyn Haller Ways to Access the Landscape, Soundscape, and Landscape of Ireland in the Poetry of W.B. Yeats
Susanna Ashton An American Bible
Beth Daniell Electric Rhetoric
Bruce E. Baker Urban Legends
Donald M. McKale "Oh, I am living, and life is beautiful!"
Fakrul Alam Down Ulysses's Memory Lane
Huey Guagliardo Locating Richard Ford
Skip Eisiminger Topsoil Road
Lucy Rollin To Be Young Twice
Harold Woodell Mighty Fortresses over Germany