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Volume 38, Number 1, Fall 2005

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Leonard R. N. Ashley An Anonymous Poem to Alexander Pope from South Carolina
Christi Conti On the Horatian Epigraph and South Carolina Background
Richard J. Calhoun The Unremembered Heritage: Charleston Antebellum Literary Magazines
John H. Moore Triumph and Tragedy: The Short Life of Belton O'Neall Townsend
Greg Herriges The Making of Thomas E. Kennedy: Copenhagen Quartet
Thomas Dillon Redshaw "We Done Our Best When We Were Let": James Liddy's Arena, 1963-1965
Eamonn Wall From Macchu Picchu to Inis Mór: The Poetry of Mary O'Malley
J. Matthew Boyleston To Sing the Magic Words That Raise the Dead: Form and Illusion in Paul Muldoon's "Incantata"
Martin J. Jacobi All Too Human
Ronald Frame Typical Native Scene
Jill Rosenberg The Land of Sunshine and Flowers
Peter Levine In Her Sweet Lowlands
Karon Luddy "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah"
Patrick Egan Horsepower
Kurt Rheinheimer The Melrose
David Hood Child Locked in Car
Catherine McKinney Traveling with Children
Joe Scotchie Saul Bellow: An Appreciation
Deborah Gillespie An Interview with Diane Wakoski
Catharine Savage Brosman
  • Composition with Broccoli, No. 1
  • Compositionwith Broccoli, No. 2
  • Blue Herons
Ronald Moran
  • Discourse of a Mangrove Swamp
  • The Waiting Room of the Cancer Center
  • Flight Patterns
Ivan Jacob Silverberg Statues in Italy
Anonymous An Epistle to Alexander Pope, Esq.; from South Carolina
Janice Bell objects from childhood
Lyn Lifshin
  • Horses in the Snow
  • Bright April of Earth
  • Weaning Day
  • With Starlight Still on the Pond Like Silver
  • It Was Her Stride, Long, Almost Dream Like, Floating
  • That First Race in Black and White
  • When I Look at Ryder's Painting, The Race Track
  • July 6, 1975, That Day, Only Ruffian
  • In Photographs on the Mantel
  • Sometimes Things Don't Go Back to Earth Too Fast
J. Alan Nelson Camping by the San Gabriel
Keith Flynn
  • Bopology
  • Colonel Keith's Last Catch
Elizabeth Boleman-Herring Chickenpox at Fifty-Three
Robert Parham Three A.M.
Charles Semones
  • Breakfast at Beaumont Inn on an April Sunday
  • The Widower
Sharon Doyle Meditation
Jason Ford Private Collection
Marc Elihu Hofstadter I'm Jewish
Carol Smallwood The First Sign
Ronald F. Smits Brand New Maverick, 1970
Ann McGovern Moving
James Doyle The Beach in Canvas
Terry Kennedy Drive On
Julia Wendell Magic Lantern
Ruth Berman Potatoes of the Tree
Audrey Gritsman Homework
Gaylord Brewer
  • Apologia, Rescinded, to the Month Ahead
  • Apologia for Cash and Luck
Devika Brandt Biopsy Results
Marilyn Johnston Ilmarinen
Gary Every The Wife of Jeronimo
Amy Spade Mahogany Dresser, Circa 1890
William Rushton Evening of Beethoven
E. G. Burrows
  • What Went Astray
  • The Recognition
Gary Buslik El Max
Don Riesett Camp Noriega
Andi Diehn Evolution
Christi Conti Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover—Or Format
Ida Klitgård The Fates and Fortunes of James Joyce in Europe
Kimberly Simms Exploring American Landscapes
Dave Shaw Stories Built to Ask
Jefferson Holdridge The Divided Heritage of John Montague
Olga Volkova Dance Turns
Joe Scotchie The Rest of the Story
Bill Koon The Fighting Side of the Country
Kara Baldwin A Similar Tune from a Different Drummer
Linda Lappin An Uneasy Truce
Frank Day Critical Notice
Jerry Elijah Brown With Their Pants Down
Robert C. Cheeks The Cross of Saint Andrew
Susan Meyers The Voice(s) of James Dickey