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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 4, Number 1, December 1971

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Elmo Howell Katherine Anne Porter as a Southern Writer
William H. Nolte Mencken, Faulkner and Southern Moralism Stories
Ruth Moose The Eyes of Argus
Bennie Lee Sinclair At the Heart of the Prodigal
Dale Alan Bailes With a Cast of Thousands
D.C. Berry there.
Alice Cabaniss The Visitations of Kali
Delford Furney Surfside Up--Surfside Down
Sonia Gernes Mushrooms
Idris McElveen grandfather dancing
Donal Mahoney Envelope in the Pigeonhole
John N. Miller For Ruth Rankin
eugene robert platt Transition
Larry Rubin Lessons of the Sea: The Terror
Robert Smith This View from the Village
Lodwick Hartley A Tricentennial Anthology of South Carolina Literature, 1670-1970 selected by Richard James Calhoun and John Caldwell Guilds
Guy Owen New Writing in South Carolina edited by William Peden and George Garrett
Alfred S. Reid Ruby Red by William Price Fox