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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 4, Number 2, June 1972

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A.V. Huff The Black Hero in South Carolina History
Robert Drake Wake Up So I Can Tell You Who's Dead
M.B. Duda Guilt
Richard Fewell One of the Boys
Jane Butler The Calculus
C. Smith Campbell First Freeze, 1933
Charles Eaton The Aquarium
William D. Elliot Laboratory: Biology
E.S. Miller Plumeria
Kathleen Suzanne Platt A Test of Talisman
Bennie Lee Sinclair The Arrowhead Scholar
Marcel Smith Man with Chainsaw
Robert Smith A Vision of Yellow Buses
Gail Brockett White For Karla
Peter D. Zivkovic Wallenda
Rudolph D. Bates Death of the Fox by George Garrett
George Garrett Little Chicago Suite by Bennie Lee Sinclair
William J. Kimball The Single Heart by Robert Drake