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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 5, Number 1, December 1972

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Paul G. Beidler "The Pride of Thine Hear Hath Deceived Thee": Narrative Distortion in Dickey's Deliverance
Donald J. Greiner The Harmony of Bestiality in James Dickey's Deliverance
Marie M. Deans The Last Street
Helen King The White Ribbon
A.M. Pauley The Consistory
Sam Bradley Reverting, Reconverting
Melanie Gause The Wait Is Over
Elton Glaser The World Is Flush With Saviors
Thomas L. Johnson It Was Not A Time To Retire
Virginia Linton The Dusty Shuffle
P.B. Newman Forgiveness
Peter F. Neumeyer different cases (for W.M.)
Joyce Odam
  • Thanks for The
  • He's Got A Very Sad Laugh
  • Of Such Safe Green
Dorothy S. Osborne The Visit
Bennie Lee Sinclair Peritonitis and Sweet Dreams
Kregg Spivey I Swing the Axe
John Tomikel Russians in Belgrade
Guy Owen Geronimo by Barry Hannah