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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 5, Number 2, June 1973

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Doris Betts The Literature of Laputa
Elmo Howell William Gilmore Simms and the American Indian
Margaret Bolsterli Headwaiters
Lee Brian The Food Basket
Howard Frank Mosher High Water
Guy Owen The New Deputy
Susan Bartels Paternity
John Chandler Griffin In Defense of Poetry: An Essay
John Humma On a Student Killed in an Automobile Accident
Nancy Esther James Another's Trouble
Kenneth Johnson A City Scene
Joyce Odam
  • Do Me Now, Sweet Perish
  • Minstrel Coming Your Way
Roger Pfingston Wet
Rodney O. Rogers Fallfire
Francis P. Thomas I Am Stone
Gail White
  • Newspaper Office: Midnight
  • Lot's Daughters
Claud B. Green Paul Hamilton Hayne by Rayburn S. Moore