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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 6, Number 1, November 1973

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Marion Montgomery Eliot and "Il Miglior Fabbro"
Stephen R. Maloney Halfway to Byzantium: Mr. Sammler's Planet and the Modern Tradition
Thomas Hubert Simm's Use of Milton and Herbert in The Yemassee: An Aspect of Symbolism in the Novel
Charles Israel George Garrett
Warren Leamon Hester
Jack De Bellis Turn a New Leaf
Kathryn Stripling (three poems)
Dorothy S. Osborne Watermarks
Larry Rubin (three poems)
Grace Freeman Dragging Operations Begin
Keith Moul Anatomy of Morning
Donald Sears Fulani Girl
Jane Augustine For A Daughter Musical, Growing
Jack Stillinger To One Who Wrote to Me That "Our Paths May Cross"
Harold Woodell The Great American Novel by Philip Roth
Robert W. Hill Osprey Suicides by Laurence Lieberman