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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 7, Number 1, November 1974

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edited by Richard J. Calhoun Frost in the Carolinas
Kathryn Gibbs Harris Robert Frost's Early Education in Science
David Alan Sanders Words in the Rush of Everything to Waste: A Poetic Theme in Frost
Donald J. Greiner Robert Frost, The Poet as Critic: An Analysis and a Checklist
Laurence Lieberman (three poems)
Arthur Gregor Deadweight
D.C. Berry (four poems)
Mark Steadman Kate
Joyce Carol Oates On the Gulf
Linda Wagner Faulkner, A Biography by Joseph Blotner
Mark Steadman The Trapper's Last Shot by John Yount
Rodney O. Rogers A Perfect Circle of Sun by Linda Pastan
Charles Angoff Serpent in Eden: H.L. Mencken and the South by Fred C. Hobson, Jr.
Hallman Bryant Rainstorm and Fire: Ritual in the Novels of John Updike by Edward P. Vargo
William Koon Francis Marion: The Swamp Fox by Hugh F. Rankin, and Manse Jolly by Garet W. Earle