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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 7, Number 2, April 1975

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Robert D. Denham Science, Criticism, and Frye's Metaphysical Universe
Alberta T. Turner William Stafford and the Surprise Cliché
John C. Griffin Jean Toomer: A Bibliography
Arthur Haupt A Story
Guy Owen A Trip to Oak Forest
Charles Henley Curds and Whey
Enid Rhodes Peschel (three translations)
Linda W. Wagner Old Woman in Pink, Shopping
Charles Angoff
  • Cousin Tessie
  • Aunt Faigge
Rodney O. Rogers Accident
John Ditsky Getting Started
Lyn Lifshin
  • Now She Knows What Will
  • Nantucket
John Ower Love Song From the Lab
P.B. Newman Dionysian Ice
James K. Bowen Waves
Paul Metcalf Altamira
Joseph Garrison January, 1973
Gary E. Ligi I Got Up
Alfred Reid My Muse is A Wayward Bitch
John Ower For Creighton Adams, Who Likes Mozart
Grace Beacham Freeman Heavenly Name Taggers
Warren Leamon Beasts of the Southern Wild and Other Stories by Doris Betts
Jerome Mandel Chaucer the Love Poet edited by Jerome Mitchell and William Provost
John Talmadge The Juhl Letters to the Charleston Courier: A View of the South, 1865-1871 edited by John Hammond Moore
Herman Felder Barefoot in Arcadia: Memories of a More Innocent Era by Louis B. Wright