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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 8, Number 2, April 1976

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Jeffrey A. Sadler Split Consciousness in Richard Wright's Native Son
John T. Hiers Birth or Death: Eliot's "Journey of the Magi" and "A Song for Simeon"
Paul Allen (two poems)
Claire Settle (two poems)
Louis Phillips (three poems)
Gary Kerley Listen
Larry Rubin (two poems)
Ellen Levine (two poems)
Stephen Kennedy (two poems)
Norman Nathan Phone Call
G. E. Murray Losing Altitude
Tom Hansen The Perfect Woman
Richard Frost Leftover
Robert Lietz An Acknowledgement
William Page Cold Night
Frederic Will Epics of America XXVII: Sex and Its Opposite, the Prairie
Norman Nathan A Fleeting Hope
Linda Lerner Poem for Anne Sexton
Richard Cecil Serenade for the Man Downstairs
Stephen Kennedy Dog Days
Rodney O. Rogers Aspects of Eve by Linda Pastan
Edward P. Willey Literary Meaning and Augustan Values by Irvin Ehrenpreis|
Harriet R. Holman The Lay of the Land: Metaphor as Experience and History in American Life and Letters by Annette Kolodny
John J. McLaughlin Henry James and Pragmatistic Thought by Richard A. Hocks
A. L. Recoulley Form and Meaning in Fiction by Norman Friedman
John L. Idol, Jr. "This Poetick Liturgie": Robert Herrick's Ceremonial Mode by A. Leigh Deneef
Jerome Mandel Invisible Poets: Afro-Americans of the Nineteenth Century by Joan R. Sherman
C. O. Caskey All the Strange Hours: Excavations of a Life by Loren Eisley
Joan Bobbit The Lonely Hunter: A Biography of Carson McCullers by Virginia Spencer Carr
Bruce M. Firestone The Achievment of William Styron by Robert K. Morris and Irving Malin
Alfred Reid Returning Your Call by Leonard Nathan and Sadness and Happiness by Robert Pinsky
Frank Day P. H. Newby by Ernest Bufkin
Hallman Bryant The Pastoral Vision of William Morris: The Earthly Paradise by Blue Calhoun