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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 9, Number 1, November 1976

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Donald J. Greiner The Southern Fiction of Mark Steadman
Richard J. Calhoun After A Long Silence: James Dickey as a South Carolina Writer
David Tillinghast George Garrett
Robert W. Hill Barry Hannah
Joan Bobbit William Price Fox: The Spirit of Character and the Spirit of Place
John L. Cobbs Charleston: The Image of Aristocracy in Owen Wister's Lady Baltimore
Ernest M. Lander, Jr. Mrs. John C. Calhoun and the Death of Patrick
William Koon Genie Stovall's Carpetbaggers
Paul Edward Allen Helen von Kolnitz Hyer
Alfred S. Reid Walking Point
Roseanne Coggeshall (three poems)
John Ower The Ballad of Jim Randal
Paul Edward Allen (two poems)
Bennie Lee Sinclair My Father, On Losing His Vision
Grace Freeman After Reading There Are No Paid Grave Diggers in Keller, Illinois
Susan Bartels Love Poem
Benita Bruce Warlock!
Robert W. Hill Howard Hunter (1904-1975)
Skip Eisiminger Elegy for Howard
Gordon Lindstrand Folly Beach
Thomas H. McClanahan (two poems)
Virginia Linton (two poems)
Grady W. Ballenger The Man in the Stall
Mark Steadman from The Broken Door: An Autobigraphical Fiction
Robert D. Jacobs Individual and Community: Variations on a Theme in American Fiction ed. by Kenneth H. Baldwin and David K. Kirby
Ronald Baughman No Costumes or Masks by Grace Freeman
Jerold J. Savory Lionors by Barbara Ferry Johnson
Richard A. Underwood Slammer by Ben Greer
Edwin M. Coulter Furman University: Toward a New Identity by Alfred Sandlin Reid
Skip Eisiminger hard shadows by Franklin Ashley; an original sin and other poems by Eugene Platt; Paula by Paul Baker Newman; Fish Light by Michael Waters; The Dark Bus and Other Forms of Transport by Alice Cabaniss; Water Tables by James Seay; New Southern Poets: Selected Poems from "Southern Poetry Review" ed. by Guy Owens and Mary C. Williams
Robert W. Hill Step Carefully in Night Grass by Susan L. Bartels; A Common Bond by Kathleen Platt
Claud B. Green Pseudonymous Publications of William Gilmore Simms by James E. Kibler, Jr.