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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 10, Number 2, April 1978

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R.V. Cassill The Most Dangerous Game of the Poet James Dickey
George S. Lensing The Neo-Romanticism of James Dickey
Linda Wagner Deliverance: Initiation and Possibility
Ronald Baughman James Dickey's "The Eye-Beaters: An Agonizing New Life"
Linda Tarte Holley Design and Focus in James Dickey's Deliverance
Elder Olson Rottenrock Mountain
Lyn Lifshin The Man Who Told Me I Was Cold
Tom Hawkins The Church Pianist at Home
James Applewhite (seven poems)
Laurence Lieberman Cape Iro: The Stone Pillars
William Stafford (two poems)
A. Poulin, Jr. Shadows
Philip Pierson The Junkyard Tractor-Driver Defies His Death
Harold Wiley Edges
Edward Wilson (two poems)
Marjorie Hawksworth (two poems)
Chuck Sullivan Young Goodman Brown: What You See Is What You Get
M.S. Osak The Photograph
J.W. Rivers To Most of My Family, Dead of Lung Cancer
Mark Steadman Cast on the Waters and Raised on High |
Daniel B. Marin The Last Winter of the War
Henry H. Roth Susslov
John Le Bourgeois William Morris: Romantic to Revolutionary by E.P. Thompson
Calvin S. Brown Graces of Harmony: Alliteration, Assonance, and Consonance in Eighteenth-Century Poetry by Percy G. Adams
Virginia Spencer Carr Faulkner's Heroic Design: Two Yoknapatawah Novels by Lynn Gatrell Levins
John L. Idol, Jr. A Life of George Herbert by Amy M. Charles
Guy Owen Thomas Wolfe Undergraduate by Richard Walser