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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 11, Number 2, Spring 1979

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Marjorie Perloff Beyond The Bell Jar: Women Poets in Transition
Linda Wagner Levertov and Rich: The Later Poems
Donald J. Greiner Culture Keeper: Charleen Swansea and the Red Clay Poets
Rayburn S. Moore The Land of His Fathers: Paul Hamilton Hayne and South Carolina
Fred Baldwin Horses on Horseback
Carroll Dale Short The Old Way
Sondra Spratt Olsen In the Snow
William Zaranka "If You Ever Write a Book, Put Me in It"
Kenneth Rosen Kingdom Come
Steve Harrison Jabbo Stokes
Suzanne Ludvigson (four poems)
Arthur Magill Grandfather
Norman Nathan Photography Class with a Nude in a Wooded Garden
Russell T. Fowler In Blanco County
William E. Cain Orientalism by Edward Said
Victor Anthony Rudowski Classical Mythology by Mark P. O. Morford and Robert J. Lenardon
E. C. Bufkin The Diaries of Evelyn Waugh edited by Michael Davie
Claud B. Green Books That Changed the South by Robert B. Downs; The Immoderate Past: The Southern Writer and History by C. Hugh Holman
John Agar Hymn for Drum by Roseanne Coggeshall
Robert W. Hill Unassigned Frequencies: American Poetry in Review 1964-77 by Laurence Lieberman
Frank Day Young Man Thoreau by Richard Lebeaux; Remembrances of Concord and the Thoreaus. Letters to Horace Hosmer to Dr. S. A. Jones edited by George Hendrick