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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 13, Number 1, Fall 1980

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William E. Cain Lawrence's "Purely Destructive" Art in Women in Love
Ronald B. Schwartz Private Discourse in Thoreau's Walden
Erma P. Whittington A Letter from John Bennett to Jay B. Hubbell
Stephen Dixon Layaways
Gayle Whittier The Crier Outside Bedlam
W. D. Wetherell The Watchman
Ken McCullough In the Summer of Year One
Audrey Conard To the Interior
John Humma Afternoon Difficulty
Pauline Alldred Captive
Robert Walton (two poems)
Robert Pawlowski Suicide
Stuart Friebert (two poems)
Thomas P. Pickett (two poems)
Ruth Berman Apparent Angular Diameter
Carol Dunne Upon the Death of the Neighborhood Caitiff
Robert P. Cooke The Metal Eater
Melanie Gause Harris The Metal Rape
John Ditsky Act Natural
Dorothy Graccy Crumbs from the Table
Robin McCorquodale Poem from a Basement
Allen Kanfer The Aster, the Weed, and the Game
Paul Kameen Locus #12
J.R. Kangas Letter in March
John Seed A Gathered Church: The Literature of the English Dissenting Interest, 1700-1930 by Donald Davie
Jerome S. Dees The Unity of "The Faerie Queen" by Ronald Arthur Horton
Tim Peltason Victorian Noon: English Literature in 1850 by Carl Dawson
Daniel J. Schneider Person, Place, and Thing in Henry James's Novels by Charles Anderson
Nathalia Wright The Prophetic Melville; Experience, Transcendence, and Tragedy by Rowland A. Sherrill
John L. Idol, Jr. A Colonial Southern Bookshelf: Reading in the Eighteenth Century by Richard Beale Davis; The Half-Blood: A Cultural Symbol in 19th-Century American Fiction by William J. Scheick
Eric J. Sundquist The Metaphysical Novel in England and Ameriac: Dickens, Bulwer, Hawthorne, Melville by Edwin M. Eigner; Commissioned Spirits: The Shaping of Social Motionin Dickens, Carlyle, Melville, and Hawthorne by Jonathan Arac
Frank Day The "Stanze" of Angelo Poliziano translated by David Quint