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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 14, Number 1, Fall 1981

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Mary Grace Swift Fanny Elssler: Charleston's Bright Dancing Meteor of 1840-1841
Mario L. D'Avanzo Hightower and Tennyson in Light in August
Robert J. Kloss Sanctuary: Personal Fantasies and Social Fictions
John E. Bassett Addie Bundren's Eyes and the Difference They Make
Richard Jackson Signing the Syllables: The Poetry of Karl Shapiro
Stephen Dixon Not Charles
Lenora K. Rogers Mansions
Joyce Carol Oates The Mirror
Richard Kostelanetz Openings and Closings: A Collection of Short Fictions
Robin Hunt McCorquodale Dialogues from the Cathedral at Chartres
Henry H. Roth The Saddest Thing
Bob Everett The Dispensation
Angela Strack Wild Jack
Stephen Roberts (two poems)
Stephen Corey Confederates, 1978
Melvin Walker La Follette (two poems)
Martha Parker Nob Dancers
Norman Nathan Moses
Kim Robert Stafford History at North Star
Lyn Lifshin (three poems)
Peter LaSalle Topolobampo
Katrina V. Ringose (two poems)
Robert E. Wood November
Jane Somerville (two poems)
Mary Kratt Bach in the Afternoon
Frederick W. Shilstone Destroyer and Preserver: Shelley's Poetic Skepticism by Lloyd Abbey; Sexualism and Feminism in Shelley by Nathaniel Brown
Victor Anthony Rudowski Mary Stuart, freely translated and adapted from Schiller's play by Stephen Spender
John L. Idol, Jr. Dialects in Culture: Essays in General Dialectology by Raven I. McDavid, Jr., edited by William A. Kretzschmar, Jr,; Varieties of American English: Essays by Raven I. McDavid, Jr., selected and introduced by Anwar S. Dil
Lee K. Abbott, Jr. Too Late; Quite Contrary: The Mary and Newt Story; and 14 Stories by Stephen Dixon