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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 14, Number 2, Spring 1982

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Trygve Thoreson Mark Twain's Unsentimental Heroine
M. Banning Eyre Naipaul at Wesleyan
Clayton A. Hubbs and Joanna T. Hubbs The Goddess of Love and the Tree of Knowledge: Some Elements of Myth and Folklore in Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard
Buford Scrivner The Illusionist
Anthony E. Stockanes Pritzker Is Taking the Cure
Joyce Carol Oates The Mirror
Louis Phillips Eldorado
Laurie Pons The Last House Tour in Savannah
Sandra Schor Head-Phones
F. Barthelme Black Tie
Priscilla Stewart Randolph Her Dear Daddy
Ben Satterfield Rites of Passage
Roseanne Coggeshall After Reading "Blood, Hook, and Eye"
Laurence Donovan Poet
Virginia Walter You
David Citino (two poems)
James Brooks (three poems)
Paula Rankin The Red Shoe
Jane Hixon The Old Widow
Elizabeth Murawski The More the Rope Wears
Warren Leamon It Ended Like This
Cathy Smith-Bowers Letter to Alice
John Rosenwald I.2
Luther Tyler Coleridge & Co.: A Review Essay
William E. Cain Beyond Formalism: The Politics of Interpretation
Lee K. Abott, Jr. Dubious Persuasions by Jack Matthews; Ladies Who Knit for a Living by Anthony E. Stockanes