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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 15, Number 1, Fall 1982

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John L. Idol Ernest Hemingway and Thomas Wolfe
George Monteiro "I Always Keep Seeing a Light as I Talk with Him": Limning the Robert Frost/Ridgely Torrence Relationship
Fredrica K. Bartz Humboldt's Gift and the Myth of the Artist in America
Stephen Dixon The Shirt
Edward McShane Legs
Charlotte K. Haigh Sentence for a Nice Lady
Susan Lohafer Eldorado
Laurie Pons Jody Baxter Day
Barbara Rich Mobility
S.F. Mickle The Queen of Hearts
Lee K. Abbott, Jr. We Get Smashed and Our Endings Are Swift
William Aarnes Going Down to Make Coffee
Laurence Lieberman (two poems)
F.C. Rosenberger (two poems)
Norman Nathan The Spirit in Ink and Colors
Jan Chisholm Circe's Lover
Marlene Youmans (two poems)
Mary Vogt Scarecro
William E. Cain The End of Literary Theory
Jerome Klinkowitz Donald Barthelme's Fiction: The Ironist Saved From Drowning by Charles Molesworth
John L. Idol Nathaniel Hawthorne in His Times by James R. Mellow; Nathaniel Hawthorne: The English Experience, 1854-1864 by Raymona E. Hull
Frederick W. Shilstone Byron's Letters and Journals. Vol. XI ("For Freedom's Battle"), ed. Leslie A. Marchand; Byron's Letters and Journals. Vol. XII ("The Trouble of an Index"), ed. Leslie A. Marchand
Hallman B. Bryant Lady Tennyson's Journal ed. James O. Hogue