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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 15, Number 2, Spring 1983

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Ronald Bowman James Dickey's War Poetry: A "Saved, Shaken Life"
Marjorie E. Cook The Serious Play of Interpretation
George Garrett A Letter That Will Never Be Written: An Excerpt from the Novel Elizabeth & James
Stephen Dixon Come On A Coming
Bo Ball Myrtie's Salvation
Otis Douglas Heavy Weather
Harriet Gay Tullia
John Eberth Survival
James W. Lillie The Rat's Scalp
Laurence Lieberman (two poems)
Jon Daunt Montauk Point, New York
J.W. Rivers (three poems)
Karl Watson Dover (AFB), Deleware
Susan Schaeffer (two poems)
Mark DeFoe The Accident
Theresa Bacon The Gramma Poems
Quitman Marshall After the Wedding
Luther Tyler Invade Mecum: Coleridge, Austin, and the Tones of Deconstruction
Alan Axelrod The Image of the City by Burton Pike
Jan Nordby Gretlund Flannery O'Connor: The Imagination of Extremity by Frederick Asals
Hallman B. Bryant The London Muse: Victorian Responses to the City by William Thesing
Anthony Rudowski Evangelist of Race: The Germanic Vision of Houston Stewart Chamberlain by Geoffrey C. Field
Eric J. Sundquist The Coincidental Art of Charles Brockden Brown by Norman S. Grabo; Critical Essays on Charles Brockden Brown by Bernard Rosenthal