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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 16, Number 1, Fall 1983

The South Carolina Review as Little Magazine
Jane Bowers Hill John Irving's Aesthetics of Accessibility: Setting Free the Novel
Donald J. Greiner Pynchon, Hawkes, and Updike: Readers and the Paradox of Accessibility
Zohreh T. Sullivan Women Novelists and Variations on the Uses of Obscurity
Mary C. Williams The Aesthetics of Accessibility: Contemporary Poetry and Its Audience
John E. Loftis Technique as Metaphor in James Dickey's Deliverance
John P. McGowan Of Truth and Lies in Browning’s Dramatic Monologues
Stephen Dixon (two stories)
Bo Ball In Touch With God
Warren Leamon Ice
Rosanne Coggeshall Quincy Lee's Party
Richard Burgin Mason
John Ditsky A Thirst for Music
Robert Parham A Jewish Uncle Dies in Miami
Peter Hancke
  • The Lives of the Poets VI
  • A Birthday Candle for Jonne Donne
James McMakin To William Aarnes: Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Jogger
William Aarnes
  • The First
  • Accused
Laurence Lieberman
  • Fairchild Market: Meats and Mauby
  • Cane Fires
Robert Pinsky A Long Branch Song
Charles Edward Eaton
  • Blue Grotto
  • The Dervish
R. T. Smith Birthmark
Robert W. Hill Eros at the World Kite Pageant by Laurence Lieberman; The Knife and Other Poems and Sewanee in Ruins by Richard Tillinghast; Proud and on My Feet by J.W. Rivers; The Day We Still Stand Here by Gary Margolis; The Thing King by Charles Edward Eaton
William E. Cain Saving the Text: Literature/Derrida/Philosophy by Geoffrey H. Hartman
Jan Nordby Gretlund Flannery O'Connor: The Imagination of Extremity by Frederick Asals
John L. Idol, Jr. Welcome to Our City by Thomas Wolfe, edited by Richard S. Kennedy