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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 17, Number 1, Fall 1984

Hank Nuwer Two Gentleman of Chicago: David Mamet and Stuart Bordon
Steve Carter "Freedom is Slavery": History, the Reader, and 1984
William Atkinson Big Brother George: The End of 1984
George Lensing The Modernism of Randall Jarrell
Ronald Moran Randall Jarrell as Critic of Criticism
Bernetta Quinn Randall Jarrell and Angels
Suzanne Ferguson Narrative and Narrators in the Poetry of Randall Jarrell
David Bottoms The Messy Humanity of Randall Jarrell
R. E. Foust Desperate Gambits: Game Theory in Modern American Literature
W. S. Doxey The Abduction and Trial of the Maestro
Stephen Dixon The Onlooker
John Lane Grounds for Divorce
J. W. Rivers Enemy Forces Set a Trap for Francis Marion at His Own Plantation
Judith Shepherd Weeds in the Garden
Angela Walton (three poems)
Kathryn Kilpatrick (two poems)
Robert Sorrells The Succession by George Garrett
Mike Moyle Movies by Stephen Dixon
Hallman Bryant Parallel Lives: Five Victorian Marriages by Phyllis