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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 18, Number 1, Fall 1985

George Garrett Dixie Dreamland
Walter Cummins Habitat
Nancy Dew Taylor Vandas and Cattleyas
John Zanes (four stories)
Betsy Martinez Round Robin
Elizabeth Searle Stella
Hans Ostrom High School Football
Alice Fulton (three poems)
Peter Desey (two poems)
Marian Blackwell Husbandry
Martha Collins May
Ned Clark Balbo In Your Room
Robert Parham (two poems)
David Tillinghast Degrees of Freedom
Frank Day Naipaul's Vision of Wounded Civilizations
Steven Blakemore "An Africa of Words": V.S. Naipaul's A Bend in the River
Richard J. Calhoun Thomas Addison Richards and the Orion Illustrations
Suzanne Stutman Technique in "The Child by Tiger": Portrait of a Mature Artist
Floyd C. Watkins Three Georgia Mountain Poets
Hank Nuwer The Writer Who Plays with Pain: Harry Crews
Ben Skardon Some Survived by Manny Lawton; The Root of All Evil: The Thematic Unity of William Styron's Fiction by John Kenny Crane; and John Updike's Novels by Donald J. Greiner
Mark Royden Winchell Shakespeare in the South: Essays on Performance edited by Philip C. Kolin
Hank Nuwer Gone in October: Last Reflections on Jack Kerouac by John Clellon Holmes
Rita Ingram Givens One Writer's Beginning by Eudora Welty