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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 18, Number 2, Spring 1986

Joyce Carol Oates Angel Eyes
Stephen Dixon The Phone
Jefferson Humphries The Conjurer of Color
Roseanne Coggeshall (two stories)
Henrietta Loudon Lombardian Spring
Richard Hill Sometimes the Light
Henry H. Roth Summer in Russia
Lynda Sexson Chalk Line
Anne Yusavage Zellars Fair Trade
Joe Taylor A Gentle Glow
Leslie Pietrzyk Morning
Rita Ciresi Lifelines
Martha A. McFerren (two poems)
Stephen Beauchamp (two poems)
J. W. Rivers Bound to Fidelity of Representation, Charles Wilson Peale Paints Washington at Yorktown
Carl Conover Azaleas and the Circus
J. R. Kangas (two poems)
Stephen C. Behrendt For the Teenagers Who Stoned the Zoo Bear
Craig Challender Lone Swimmer
Robert Lietz Widower, New Hampshire; 1954
Marlene Youmans (two poems)
Mark Royden Winchell Fishing the Swamp: "Big Two-Hearted River" and the Unity of In Our Time
Philip Cohen Horace Benbow and Faulkner's Other Early Failed Idealists
Jane E. Jacobi Family Linen by Lee Smith; The Kindness of Strangers: The Life of Tennessee Williams by Donald Spoto