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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 19, Number 1, Fall 1986

Stephen Dixon The Play
Joyce Carol Oates Fever
William F. Van Wert Flying Dutchman
Starkey Flythe Lent: The Slow Fast
Susan Ludvigson Hypochondria
Stephen Beauchamp (two poems)
Daniel Liebert Running in Place
Jan Bailey Wofford Upon the Anniversary of Her Son's Death
David Citino Sister Mary Appassionata to the Home Ec Class
Robert R. Walter Goldfinches at the Feeder
Robert Cooperman Sleeping Alone
Matthew C. Roudané Public Issues, Private Tensions: David Mamet's Glengarry Glen Ross
William Heath Tears and Flapdoodle: Sentimentality in Huckleberry Finn
Ron Moran Conversations with South Carolina Poets, Gayle R. Swanson and William B. Thesing, eds.
William Cosgrove Adultery in the American Novel: Updike, James, and Hawthorne by Donald Greiner
Jerome Klinkowitz Fall and Rise by Stephen Dixon
John L. Idol, Jr. Thomas Wolfe Interviewed, 1929-1938, Aldo P. Magi and Richard Walser, eds.
David Noble Leslie Fiedler by Mark Royden Winchell
Suzanne Stutman Mannerhouse, Louis D. Rubin, Jr. and John L. Idol, Jr., eds.