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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 20, Number 1, Fall 1987

Greg Johnson Idols
Marlene Youmans The Fossil Bed
Paul Ruffin Drought
Michael Wade Simpson It's All Luck
William Losinger Creative History
W. S. Doxey Dabney Stuart
J. W. Rivers The Gertz Family
Roseanne Coggeshall Advent, 1985
R. T. Smith (three poems)
Carl Lindner Teaching Checkers to My Son
Kay Ryan Duchamp
David Tillinghast (two poems)
John P. Zanes Buddhist Meditation
Alice Friman Unposted Letter
Richard LeMon Tea Store
Linda Kittell Ransom Holcomb
Cathy Smith-Bowers Markings
James D. Boyer A Reevaluation of Wolfe's "Only the Dead Know Brooklyn"
Sidney Poger Auden's First Poetic Sequence
Ronald Moran Wallace Stevens: A Poet's Growth by George S. Lensing
Marilyn R. Farwell The Feminine Reclaimed: The Idea of Women in Spenser, Shakespeare, and Milton by Steve Davies
Hallman Bryant The Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood by Jan Marsh
Frederick W. Shilstone Byron: The Italian Influence by Peter Vassallo; Byron and Greek Love: Homophobia and 19th-Century England by Louis Crompton; Byron the Satirist by Frederick L. Beaty
Matthew C. Roudane Inner Landscapes: The Theater of Sam Shepard by Ron Mottram
Michael G. Moran Jane Austin by Tony Tanner
Mark Royden Winchell Remembering Who We Are: Observations of a Southern Conservative by M.E. Bradford
John L. Idol, Jr. Look Homeward: A Life of Thomas Wolfe by David Herbert