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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 20, Number 2, Spring 1988

Roseanne Coggeshall My Mother's Harp
Michael Wade Simpson Suite
Sandra Schor The Voluntary Actions of Men
Betsy Martinez Leonard's Eyebrow
Jefferson Humphries Poe as Cause and Effect of the Civil War or Why the South is a Nation of Liars
Julian Mason Extinction
Jan Bailey-Wofford The Abbey at Rievaulx
R.T. Smith Spackling
Jonathan Brannen Miscarriage
David Tillinghast (two poems)
Robert Parham (two poems)
Arthur Madson Class of '45
David Robertson Political Fathers: Pitchfork Ben Tillman and Jimmy Byrnes
Fakrul Alam Marxism and Literary History by John Frow
Karen Osborn
  • The Monkey Wars by Bruce Weigl
  • Renaming the Streets by John Stone