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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 22, Number 2, Spring 1990

  Goin' to Carolina
Mickey Pearlman A Conversation with Josephine Humphreys
Richard Hill Voices from the Outer Banks
George Singleton White Blues, Tattoos, Lists
Annette Bostrom Spite House
Bob Shar Sheep
June Akers Seese Hildegarde's Long White Gloves
Cynthia Morgan Legs
Bennie Lee Sinclair Al's Poem, As Written by One of His Students
Donald Davidson From Singin' Billy
Charles S. Watson The Ongoing Study of William Gilmore Simms: Literary Critics Versus Historians
Carolyn Livingston Singin' Billy: An Introduction
Richard J. Calhoun The Anti-secessionist Satires of William J. Grayson
Mark J. Charney Picturizing History: The Assassination of Lincoln in Griffith's The Birth of a Nation
Ray Merlock Shoeless Joe: From Pickens County to the Field of Dreams
David Robertson Political Fathers: Dear Mr. Baruch
Earl J. Wilcox The "Good Old Boy" King: Carlisle Floyd's Willie Stark