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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 23, Number 2, Spring 1991

  The Thomas Wolfe Society
Greg Kayko No Other Life
Reed Hearne Skinhead
Richard Wakefield Breakfast with the Professor
Jacob Mufson Twice
Gary Fincke Siding
Jeffrey Couchman The Celebrity
Robert Hiles Slugging Slim James
Francis X. Christmas Glass
William F. Van Wert The Mohel
James Hannah Gypsy Moth
Bruce Douglas Reeves It Hasta Be Shasta
Tom Hazuka Driving It to Parts
David Galef Triptych
Claire Bateman Explicit
Jay A. Blumenthal Houston Peterson
Robert Cooperman The Apocrypha - Lot Mourns His Wife
Dan Masterson She Wanted to Know
Louis Danile Brodsky The Ghosts of Rowan Oak
Louis Phillips Enzymes
Paul Petrie Late Celebration
Deborah Hoffman Sanctuary
Philip C. Kolin The Gulls' Confirmation
Pamela Donald Waiting for Echo Lake
William Pratt William Faulkner and Mac Reed: An Unusual Friendship
M. E. Bradford Faulkner's "Dr. Martino": An Excess of Pathos
Philip Cohen Faulkner's Mature Narrative Technique: The Example of "Tomorrow"
Aldo P. Magi Nine Letters of Thomas Wolfe, 1924-1938
James Seaton Edward W. Said: The Secular Critic as Revolutionary
Robert Ellis Red Necks and Rosaries
Paul G. Reeve Unwillingly to School
Jan Norby Gretlund Right Hand of the Devil
Merritt Moseley The Historical Imagination
Constance M. Perry The Thirstier the Muse, the Dryer the Pen
Michael G. Moran Not Just for English Anymore
Claire Bateman Doing the Muse in Different Voices