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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 24, Number 1, Fall 1991

  An Endangered Species
Dorothy Combs Hill A 1986 Conversation with Jayne Anne Phillips
Dawn Newton Mission
Juliet Wittman Clarissa
Marlene Youmans The Stone Baby
Rebecca T. Godwin Mac's Will
Constance Buchanan The Alleyway
Ayleen Allen The Planners
Cynthia Morgan At Random
Deborah Hoffman Mating Season
Gigi Marks Breaking Through
Sandra Liatsos Sunday School Picture
Lina Schreier Cock-A-Doodle-Doo
Claire Bateman A Day Without the Car
Eve Richardson A Family Not Given to Explanation
Patricia Corbus Carmen Miranda's Hat
Sister Bernetta Quinn Mansion Without Walls
Fran Barst Altar of the Dead
Pamela Donald Suzi Meets a Musician Backstage at Center Stage Theatre
Robert Davidson The Tranquility of Frieda Lawrence
David A. Sanders Frost's Divided Narrator
Mark I. West Narcissism in The Wind in the Willows
Michael J. McDowell An Ecological Approach to Frost's Poetry
Judith Oster The Dramatized "You"
Francis J. Bosha The Hemingway-MacLeish Friendship
Marianne D. Currie Music in Tyler's Searching for Caleb
Robert F. Fleissner The Other E. Thomas
Fakrul Alam The Satanic Verses Controversy
Hallman B. Bryant A Victorian Cornucopia
James Seaton Good Conversation
William E. Cain African-American Women and the Literary Canon
John P. Zanes The Politics of the Interview
Sallyanne H. Fitzgerald Shop Talk
Daniel Wright The Play's the Thing
Frederick W. Shilstone True Confessions