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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 24, Number 2, Spring 1992

  I Ain't Paul Newman
Randall H. Harber Ulysses' Lament
George Fullen No Stake in the Future
Barry S. Brown Ignacio Smith Pays His Taxes
Elizabeth Searle Public Relations
Pat Gillian Joanne
Mark Sufrin Penance
Tom Drury If You Do Not Find Us Home
Michael Rutstein Man Overboard
Stephen Coyne Leveling
Julian Mason The Crane
Victor M. Depta Fix the Bike
Kristopher Saknussemm Sky Class
Jay A. Blumenthal Parallel Universe
D. C. Berry Cigar
Ron Rash Stanley Fish in the Afterlife
David Linton Uncle's Jack
Claire Bateman It Happened Again
Joan Rudel Pardes License plates become her talisman
Heather Sellers Orlando, 1964
Peter A. Scholl Garrison Keillor
Aldo P. Magi Eleven More Letters of Thomas Wolfe, 1929-1938
Carolyn Ezell Foster Jean Stafford's "In the Snowfall"
Harold McSween Blaze's Louisiana Governor
James M. Cox Celebrating Leslie Fiedler
Frank Day Flying to Pekuah
Paul G. Reeve Familiarity Breeds Content
Glenn W. Erickson The Heidegger Question
Benjamin B. Alexander The Continuing Relevance of Andrew Lytle
A. E. Elmore A. E. Elmore Replies
Fakrul Alam Blaming a Victim
James Seaton James Seaton Replies
Edwin A. Freeman The Last Laugh
John C. Bednar Word Play
Daniel T. O'Hara Class Analysis
John L. Idol Only Connect
M. Norby-Thiel The Top Forty
Gertrude Settle Winchell Murder, She Wrote
James Seaton Next Year in Jerusalem