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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 25, Number 1, Fall 1992

  The Sewanee Review at One Hundred
Blair Moser In the Space Between Them
Jason Friedman The Box of Gold
Greg Johnson The Devil's Own
Cynthia A. Morgan Open Heart
David Racine The Florida Hotel
Charles Wyatt Ghosts
Leslie H. Edgerton I Shoulda Seen a Credit Arranger
Ruth Moose The Tee Vee News
Clifford Kiser Leaving
Walter Julian Sharpshooters
Pattiann Rogers (three poems)
Ron Rash The Barn
Carl Conover Drought
P. B. Newman Underwater
Rick Lott My Father Trying Doors
Ken Autrey Altar
Kathleen Halme Mary Magdalene's Ideal Christmas
Robert Cooperman Mary Shelley, on the Night Frankenstein Was Born
Louis Daniel Brodsky The Trysting Place
John Ower Adding It Up
Diane Bonds Saving the Trees
Daniel Corrie Unpromised
Richard Weinraub Haiku: Hurricane Hugo
Robert Watson A Balloon Rises
Sheila Austin Whitehouse An Interview with Pattiann Rogers
Monroe K. Spears The Sewanee Review and the Southern Renascence
Anthony Tassin Cleanth Brooks and the Endurance of the New Criticism
Dot Jackson In Thy Bosom
Richard Tillinghast The Fox, Gloriana, Kit Marlowe, and Sundry
William Pratt The Place of the South in Contemporary Literature
Harold McSween The Stain of Stereotype
Claire Bateman Recent Poetry in the Carolinas
Tom Rash Short Fiction in the Carolinas
Clyde N. Wilson Lost Causes Regained
David Robertson Frog-Gigging in a Leaky Skiff
Lance Lyday Faulkner Criticism
William E. Cain Reconstructing Southern Literature
John Caldwell Guilds Unburied Treasure
Robert Ellis Percy's Place
M. E. Bradford Keeping the Faith
Marilyn Knight Growing Up Is Hard To Do
James Kimbrell Language and the Loom
Ronald Moran Rhythyms of the Possible